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Student services and support programs

Jinibara - An Inclusive School

Jinibara is an inclusive school where diverse learners are supported and valued and differentiated teaching and learning is core practice. Everyone matters, everyone counts. All our students feel included and accepted because we focus on their abilities, steeped in the belief that all children can learn. The Special Education Program (SEP) is a resource within the school that works collaboratively with classroom teachers, students, families and the wider community to ensure students can access and participate in learning and school life. Special Education Teachers work co-operatively within the teaching team to plan curriculum, pedagogy and assessment that is differentiated and adjusted in consideration of students’ learning needs. The SEP supports students with disabilities including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Speech and Language Impairments, Hearing, Vision and Physical Impairments and Intellectual Disabilities. 

The identification of students with diverse learning needs follows a process through the Student Needs Committee. Members of this committee include the Deputy Principals, Head of Pedagogy, Head of Special Education, Speech Language Pathologist and Guidance Officer. 
This team collaboratively works with teaching staff to determine the support required for students in terms of strategies, resources and/or referrals to community support networks if needed.

Religious Instruction and Chaplaincy

Religious Instruction

Religious Instruction (RI) is one 30 minute lesson per week facilitated by an approved volunteer and is held during instruction time. Teachers supervise the class during the lesson. If you wish for your child to participate please inform your child’s teacher via the form letter, on school letterhead, sent home week 3, term 1, of the new school year or request a copy from the office. Until such times as the school’s letter is completed and returned, your child will not be permitted to attend RI and an alternative activity will be organised for them.


At Jinibara, our chaplain fosters a supportive, caring school community providing pastoral support for students and families. The chaplain provides the opportunity to develop a supportive, caring relationship with children as they begin their school lives providing a listening ear, a caring presence and a message of hope. This could include helping with classroom activities, attendance at SUPA Club or individual meetings if formally requested by parents.

At Jinibara, our Chaplain is a safe person for children to connect with at school, providing a listening ear, caring presence and message of hope. Our Chaplain is another source of support for students and families struggling with either the acute or chronic challenges that many face in their school lives.

Our Chaplain fosters a supportive, caring school community. It includes support for at-risk students, support for staff and families from the wider school community and pastoral support and direction for the school community.

Support for students is offered through informal interactions, targeted individual or group sessions and school based programs and activities, which include SUPA Club and the coordination of the Religious Instruction Program. Our Chaplain can also facilitate student involvement in out of school activities such as youth groups or camps.

The partnership between our school and the Chaplain, supported by local churches, businesses and community organisations, provides a network of local support and assistance to our school community. These positive relationships help children to build resilience, connection, meaning and purpose in life.​