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  • 11 MayJinbara SS: P&C Cookie Dough orders need to be in on May 24 for arrival at school on June 14.
  • 23 MarJinibara SS: P and C meetings for 2017 are as follows: Apr 26, June 7, July 19, Aug 30, Oct 11 and Nov 15, beginning at 7pm in the Staff Room.
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 Our School Culture Promotes Learning.



Jinibara State School is driven by a deep belief that every student is capable of successful learning.

Jinibara places a high priority on initially building and maintaining positive and caring relationships between staff, students and parents. There is a strong collegial culture here at Jinibara; one of mutual trust and support among teachers and school leaders. We are united in our vision for this school;

Jinibara – our professional learning community.

We are united in our belief about student learning and what we value. We value;

Students, Learning, Staff and Community.

Jinibara State School works to maintain a learning environment that is safe, respectful, tolerant, and inclusive. Our school community actively promotes appropriate student behaviour and has a number of proactive strategies, programs and resources to support students, including:

 Teaching appropriate forms of behaviour through the curriculum (formal and informal)

 High Five (speak friendly, speak firmly, ignore, walk away, report)

 Debriefing (after first break each day)

 School Leaders, Student Councillors (years 4-6)

 Counselling and resilience programs (for individuals and groups)

 Individual student learning and management plans

 Classroom behaviour management plans

 Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students 2017

Jinibara State School promotes academic achievement and intellectual rigour through a strong, clear and cohesive implementation of the National curriculum. Jinibara teachers inspire a love of learning as this is at the heart of effective teaching: building positive relationships with students, getting to know them and displaying genuine interest in their overall development and progress. Jinibara teachers have high expectations of our students both in learning and behaviour. Respect and courtesy for students and insisting on the same in return are also central to our teacher’s success.

Jinibara teachers personalise student learning, monitor student progress and stretch the learner to take the next step. Our teachers constantly reflect on their practice, searching for better ways to make the difference for each learner.

Our school is a modern, well planned and well maintained campus, reflective of the learning culture we have established. Students and staff take pride in themselves, their school and their achievements. Our community is always made welcome in our school and maintains a high level of confidence and trust in how Jinibara nurtures student learning and development.

As a school we commit to this embedding our vision, guided by our beliefs and the things we value.


 Courtney Leahy                                                        Acting Principal




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