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Differentiated Classroom Learning


In their day-to-day teaching, Jinibara teachers place a high priority on identifying and addressing the learning needs of individual students. Teachers closely monitor the progress of individuals, identify learning difficulties and tailor classroom activities to meet the levels of readiness and need.

We believe ALL students can learn and our teaching practice reflects our belief. Teachers understand that although students are at different stages in their learning and may be progressing at different rates, all students are capable of learning successfully if motivated and given appropriate learning opportunities. In line with a constructivist view of learning, Jinibara teachers work at understanding where students are up to in their learning, including their current knowledge, skills, learning difficulties and misunderstandings, to identify starting points for teaching.

Jinibara teachers have high expectations for ALL students. Our school is organised and managed in order support our teachers’ work. Work that ensures all students, including high-achieving students, are appropriately engaged, challenged and extended by designing and implementing classroom activities to meet students’ learning needs, levels of readiness, interests and motivations.

Jinibara teachers personalise the learning experience for students assisting them to monitor their own learning and to set goals for future learning. Proactively communicating with parents provides information about where students are up to in their learning, what progress they have made over time, and what they might do to support their children’s further learning. Student, teacher, and parent form the corner stones of the most critical school relationship and is essential for student success.

Our Student Needs Committee oversees intervention for students requiring additional support. Tailored, early and sustained interventions are in place for students identified as requiring additional support. The committee’s review process extends to ALL students. Classroom teachers ‘present’ data on every child in their class to the committee, meaning that every student’s learning achievements and progress is examined and teachers benefit from the collective wisdom of the group as they continuously adjust their pedagogy to meet the student’s learning needs. This comprehensive and universal process is unique to our school.




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