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The competition with champion house, year level champions and overall school champion in student behaviour is on again this year. As was the case last year, we recognise the various champions at each of our sharing parades in the middle and at the end of each term. Our scoring system is that every student starts the period (usually 5 weeks) with 3 points. Every time a positive behaviour is entered on the school’s OneSchool system, that student earns an extra point. Each time a behaviour incident is recorded, a point is taken off, but there will be no scoring below zero. It is interesting to look at the newsletter item from this time last year. In 2014, house points were all in the 500s. This year, they are in the 700s.

In 2014, some year level champions won on 5 points, while others reached 6 points for their win, and a year 6 boy (Ethan) was able to reach 7 points to be the overall school champion. This year, EVERY year level champion was able to reach 7 points, with most needing to do even better than that to secure the win.

This year, because of all the tallying involved, the results were closed on Monday 23 February, which is effectively just 4 weeks of behaviour data (as opposed to 5 weeks for the 1st half of term 1, 2014).

GREEN PATH Champion House for the first half of term 1 2015 is Diamond. Congratulations Diamond. Points are

DIAMOND HOUSE 775 points

RAINBOW HOUSE 736 points



Year Level Champions for the first half of term 1, 2015 are:

Prep: Congratulations to Violet from PD3, who is in Gouldian house. Violet has a score of 7.

Year 1: Two students from 1A1 tied with a score of 9. They are Riley and Lachlan, both from Gouldian.

Year 2: Braithan from 2B1 reached 8 points to become the year level champion for year 2. Braithan is in Firetail house.

Year 3: Rainbow’s Carly from 3JD2 reached 9 points as year 3’s year level champion.

Year 4: Well done to Firetail’s Edward from 4K1 who is year level champion for year 4 with 7 points.

Year 5: Rainbow’s Emily from 5/6E1 has a winning score of 8.

Year 6: Congratulations to 6F4’s Jasmin from Gouldian house who scored 9 points

Congratulations to all our year level champions. This means that 4 students tied for our overall school champion for this first half of term 1, each with a total of 9 points. Representing Gouldian house are Riley and Lachlan from year 1 along with Jasmin from Year 6. Representing Rainbow house is Carly from year 3. Congratulations to the overall school champions for this period.

Larry Gray                                                                                                             Deputy Principal




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