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  • 22 FebRide to School Day is on Friday March 17th.
  • 22 FebJinibara SS: P and C Annual General Meeting is on Wednesday March 8th @ 7pm.
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 Jinibara's Explicit Improvement Agenda


Teaching and learning are the core business of our school – through prioritising classrooms, ensuring effective teaching, engaged and successful students. We maintain this as Jinibara’s strategic focus by prosecuting this agenda through aligned and integrated strategies, guided by our vision and beliefs about this school and our students.


Specifically this means:


Our school is structured and organised with the needs of students and their learning in mind

All actions, programs and decisions are judged by their impact on student achievement, not merely managerial convenience

School curriculum programs (P-6) are built on informed prescription (C2C) so that teachers have clarity and certainty about what to teach

Content is detailed in the appropriate scope and sequence, to allow learners to access the KLA and build their knowledge and understanding in a manner consistent with constructivist theories of learning

Teacher expertise ensures that school curriculum programs are implemented initially with precision and efficiency before moving to innovative approaches, altering/adapting/modifying pedagogy to meet the needs of our learners

Students are engaged in learning and the school’s curriculum because student achievement data is used to target ‘personalised learning’ and report student progress

Monitoring student progress as evidenced against curriculum standards.

Jinibara’s improvement agenda has been instrumental in focusing the school’s and our community’s attention on the core priorities of teaching and learning to advance student achievement.

Student achievement goes beyond academic success to include the social and personal competencies necessary to be considered a well rounded individual. Measures of student success encompass and celebrate these dimensions also.

The core business of our school lives and breathes with the continuous enactment of our improvement agenda. Our agenda gathers momentum and is realised through focused conversations that spring to life on a frequent and ongoing basis. At Pupil Free Days, Leadership meetings, Staff meetings, Year Level meetings, P&C meetings, in our school’s weekly Newsletter, on our Jinibara school website, school events and ceremonies, student parades, student debriefing and when we meet as a school community or as individuals.

Student achievement, every student’s achievement, is always part of the conversation.

We believe every child can learn and great teaching makes the difference, in every classroom, every day.

Jinibara’s goal is to ensure continuous improvement in learning outcomes for ALL students demonstrated over time. 





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