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 What makes Jinibara a Great School?

Research tells us that there is no correlation between how much parents pay and the quality of education your child is likely to receive. Non-government schools do end up with more money than government schools but this rarely translates to additional teachers or lower class sizes, rather it’s more likely to end up in ‘sandstone gates’ and other cosmetic and superficial differences. In short paying private school fees is often unlikely to get a better academic result for your child than they’d get in a government school.
Good teachers get good results and great teachers get great results. This points directly to the most important variable in the teaching and learning process – the teaching. The best teachers can do much to eliminate student disadvantage and provide students with accelerated pathways to fulfilling their learning potential.
Co-ed or single sex schools show no difference in outcomes for students, nor does a composite class. It’s the quality of the teaching.
Home work is an important ‘window into the classroom’ for primary school parents and should be an opportunity for students to practice skills already taught and establish good study routines for the future. Outside of this it makes little difference.
Those students who remain at the same school (P-6) do achieve better results than those who haven’t and indeed student performance declines as the number of school moves increases. Stability and consistency are essential requisites for school success.
Highly effective schools have a stable and focused leadership team who engage with community, support and mentor teachers and provide a safe, disciplined and orderly environment.
At Jinibara we work to support every teacher to deliver great teaching (and learning), providing stability and consistency in curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and high expectations of students. We plan and deliver certainty and consistency in student discipline. All these things are a ‘work in progress’ and maintain the full focus of our school leaders.
For more information:
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