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Junior classes



The start of the year has been busy for all of the Prep classes. The students have not only been learning about routines and behaviours but also learning about sounds, characters, numbers, living things and families.
This term in Maths we have been looking at numbers in our environment, subitising, counting and sorting which will assist the students in becoming fluent with numbers to twenty by the end of the year.
In PD4, the students have been learning to match numerals with collections.
They have also been learning how to sort different objects into different groups through colours, shapes, objects and sizes.


We have been very busy in Grade One settling into our new classrooms and getting started with our units of work. Here is a short summary of the learning completed so far this term.
In English, we have discussed the purpose and structure of stories, identified nouns, adjectives and verbs, made personal connections and have been busy learning how to retell in order. We have also started practising our spelling words, sounds, blends, handwriting, sight words, big book reading and reading groups.
In Maths, we have been revising numbers to 30 which includes the numerals, words, pictures, concrete materials, place value, number lines and more. We have also learnt what the chance words ‘will happen’, ‘might happen’ and ‘won’t happen’ mean. Now we are starting to look at addition and subtraction.
In Health, we have been discussing how to ‘Bounce Back’ and be resilient.
In HASS, we have been looking at how people ‘played’ in the past and in the present and how our life has changed since birth – the important milestones that occur.
In Science, we have been looking at living things and how to draw a diagram. We have explored healthy and unhealthy habitats and how the needs of living things are met through the habitat in which it lives.
Below are some photos of student work that we have completed in Grade 1.

A lot has been happening in year 2 this term…
In English, students started off the term with a focus on poetry - analysing rhyming, repetition, rhythm and alliteration. Students have been innovating poems, by changing the words in poems, while keeping all of the poetic features the same. As year 2 moves into their second unit, students are now exploring narratives – with a big focus on imaginative characters and the structure of a narrative. Later on in the term, we will be writing our own narrative about a familiar animal character!
In HASS this term, students have been learning all about our world map. We have been looking at how the world has been divided into sections, like Northern and Southern Hemisphere and into the seven continents, Europe, Asia, South America, North America, Africa, Antarctica and Australia.
In Maths, year 2’s have been applying a variety of mathematical concepts in real-life, lifelike and purely mathematical situations. Students have been counting and investigating collections using the twos, fives and tens number sequences. Two-digit numbers are being read, written, represented and partitioned into tens and ones.
A fun focus in math has been fluency and recall of number facts through games like ‘Headache’, ‘Combo Bowling’, ‘Tens are it’ and ‘Knock Out’. Soon, students will be moving towards adding two-digit numbers using the jump and split strategies, and representing multiplication and division.
In Science, students have been busy exploring different materials and their properties. We have all been creating some awesome lunchboxes to show off our knowledge of materials.