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Student Success at Ipswich Poetry Feast

​Marcus receives his award
Congratulations to Marcus H of Class 5-6 F1 who received a Highly Commended Certificate for his efforts.
Students from 5/6 F1 took an opportunity to extend their writing by creating poems for the Ipswich Poetry Feast. The Ipswich Poetry Feast is an international poetry writing competition. It is an initiative of the Ipswich City Council to promote the writing and reading of poetry.
As part of the preparation the students participated in a web conference with Meredith Costain, a renown poet who talked about her own poetry writing and gave students techniques and ideas on how to create their own poems. The students used these ideas to experiment with writing different poems in literacy groups.
Marcus is kind to his muM  
He eats a type of fruit called a bananA
He is a rad skateboardeR
Marcus is a big brainiaC
He knows the French spelling for blue is bleU
and remember the burgers are better at Hungry JackS
Marvellous Marcus is
Awesome in many ways and
Remembers a lot of things, he
Comes up with many solutions and he is
Useful with jobs and, of course, he is
Superbly awesome!
                      His name is Marcus and he is cool
                          He leads A double life as optimus prime
                           He can tRansform into the Hulk
                                  He Can smash things
             Marcus can fly to Uranus by himself
And remember everybody Still loves Raymond