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Seussical June Update

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Hi SEUSSICAL families

Today is / has been the next Full Cast Rehearsal since our very first rehearsal way back on 26 May (…which isn’t really that long ago, but much has been happening). The Whoville Chorus and the Jungle Chorus have had separate rehearsals since then and several of the different Principal Characters have also had a focused session, so that coming into today’s rehearsal, everyone has
at least one song that they needed to have been practising and committing to memory.
A couple of our cast members have missed a rehearsal (or arrived late because they hadn’t checked the revised rehearsal schedule posted on the website and on noticeboards around the school, and so were waiting in the wrong place). It is important that performers make an extra effort to “catch-up” on the songs / dialogue / movements that had been covered at any rehearsal they miss. So far, it is just songs, but as the rehearsals progress, so do the complexities of the learning we expect to happen. Always check with your fellow performers.

Thank you to those parents who offered their assistance and indicated some skills we might be able to call on (…or that they will have a go at anything we might need). A great response to my first call for help (thank you Fiona and Jo) has enabled us to replace
the stapled sheets with a SEUSSICAL folder for those performers without a book, and has also allowed us to get the USB drives out today. Anticipate the requests for assistance will increase as arrangements progress.

I would like to make special mention of Sarah, whose son is in Prep this year. Sarah has recently been involved with a production of SEUSSICAL, and has volunteered her time to work with our cast in helping to bring our show together. Her help has been invaluable, and greatly appreciated.

Today, your child was sized for a Cast T-shirt that the school will order and will be provided next term. The cost of these shirts will be part of the budget that we expect to recoup through ticket sales, so there will be no cost to families.

Also today, your child was provided with a USB Stick that has 3 of his/her songs on it. Each stick is labelled with a child’s name as there are different songs downloaded for the different performers. Our Licence agreement permits us to do this provided it is for the sole use of preparing cast members for the performance. Another limitation for us to keep within this licence agreement is that there can be no more than three songs provided at any one time. This means we will be recalling the stick early next term, when another set of songs that your young performer will need to know will replace the songs that had been there. It is important to take EVERY opportunity for sing along practice.

KEEP US INFORMED (…especially with prior notice of necessary absence from rehearsal) on

Thank you

Alister England                                                                                        Larry Gray
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