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Interhouse Athletics War Cries!


​Download and view:

war-cries (PDF, 33 KB)



Shout! Shout! Let it all out.
We’ve got something to scream about.
We’re the house with Power and Might.
So Come on Rainbow
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Goooooo Rainbow!
Everywhere we go
People want to know
Who we are
Where do we come from
So we tell them
We’re from Rainbow
Mighty mighty Rainbow
Gooooo Rainbow!
Rainbow colours are bright and green
No-one better will be seen
We will win o’er all the rest
Rainbow Rainbow are the best
Yeah Rainbow!
Gouldian, Gouldian we are the best
What’s the story about the rest
There’s no stopping us nor blocking us
We’re on top, there’s no rock’n us
Yeah Gouldian!
Gouldian Gouldian is our name
Striving winning is our game
Other teams jut can’t compete
They all know we can’t be beat!
Yeah Gouldian!
Sliding Down a waterfall,
Landing on a cactus,
we think the other teams need more practice,
we're rough, we're tough,
we're hard to beat,
come on Gouldian,
move those feet!
Gooooo Gouldian!
Firetail Firetail is our name
Running down the track is our game
Burning high, burning low
Come on firetail go go go!
Yeah Firetail!
Firetail that’s our name
Wining, wining is our game.
We are the best.
The best by far.
So come on Firetail
Rarr, Rarr, Rarr
Gooooo Firetail!
Firetail Firetail show the rest
Show the others we’re the best
We’re so fast as we pass
So come on Firetail go go go
Yeah Firetail!
Swing to the left
Swing to the right
We all train on vegemite
Give us strength
Give us might
Come diamonds
Fight Fight Fight
Yeah Diamond!
Diamond, Diamond brave and bold
Today we’re here to win some gold
Watch the others shiver and shake
As diamond swoops down for the take
Diamond, Diamond shout it out loud
Make you team mates mighty proud
Yeah Diamond!
We are Diamonds, bold and bright
Always winners, day and night
All the others lag behind
Better athletes you won’t find
Yeah Diamond!